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Our Latest Reviews

Billyholt6938 7 days ago

Family Wing Platter

Best wings around

Kt.Spectrumla 15 days ago

5 x-large 1 topping pizzas, 20 drinks

The sauce is amazing! All the toppings are fresh and plentiful. Top quality cheese too. The perfect pizza.

Melissa 20 days ago


Had them and they were good next time I'll try well done or crispy option and see how that goes

Ramos3g 22 days ago

Grazis Appetizer Platter

Can't wait! Taking the kids there today!

Brooke 24 days ago

Mamas Papas

I love Grazianos! And I'll tell you why, it's the one place that my daughter, myself and my husband can agree to go to so we can all be happy and satisfied. Mexican pizza is awesome! My daughter Loves the cheese and my husband like both with a beer 🍺! Games for kids and tv for adults!

Ghetti4748 29 days ago

Spaghetti with Meat Balls

We had Spaghetti with Meat Balls and Zita. We picked it and everything was ready and was packaged so that all stayed nice and hot and had a great dinner. Just love there menu something for everyone. highly Recommend Doug and Jenny

Brigette181100 about 1 month ago

Cinnamon Knots

Girlfriend had pregnancy cravings and all she wanted were the Cinnamon Knots from here! The best!!

Hvacmech about 1 month ago

2 spaghetti dinners, 2 small salads & large garlic bread

great service awesome food good portions. Have always loved there food and they never disappoint.

B Daz about 1 month ago


My fav salad anywhere! Such a heafty pile of the good stuff! They dont skimp on the meat and cheese! The Italian dressing with this is so zesty good!

Guest about 1 month ago

Hawaiian Pizza

My kids' favorite!

Castellanos.Phillip about 2 months ago

Create Your Own Calzone

It was very good food ,i will recomend it to anyone.enjoy

John.A.Taylor about 2 months ago

2 X-large 1 Topping Pizzas, 16 Pcs Chicken, 1 Family Salad

The pizza at Grazianos is great and we love their salads too!!

Chanta about 2 months ago

2 spaghetti dinners, 2 small salads & large garlic bread

Very good. Works great when you have two people who love spaghetti

Mgsandoval1 about 2 months ago

Garlic Knots

This is a must every time!! One of my favorite items (I have a few favorites!!)

Sbarajas83 about 2 months ago

Baked Ziti

We have used Graziano's for catering in the past. Always a hit with adults and children!

Proudmama100 about 2 months ago


Very good pizza.

Go4thegold about 2 months ago

2 lasagna dinners, 2 small salads & 2 small garlic bread

The lasagne is the best in town and the portions are very generous!

Sumwarentime about 2 months ago

2 Large 1 Topping Pizzas


Plazm1325 2 months ago

1 - Small ham & cheese sandwich, chips & drink

I actuallyu had this and was very surprised how quickly it filled me up!!! very good!

Megansodeman 8 days ago

1 - Small ham & cheese sandwich, chips & drink

Delicious sandwich that, when made Grazi style, NEVER disappoints. Taking your average sandwich and combining it with a small, sauceless, cheese pizza as the bread of the sandwich, bringing a whole new meaning to lunch! Highly recommend and love!

Guest 17 days ago

Garlic Knots

Loved it!

Darlene 21 days ago

Grazi Bread

These are always a must when dining here or getting to go for the fam!

Kamran 23 days ago

2 Large 1 Topping Pizzas

Best Pizza. Great price.

Mizzwright W5 26 days ago

2 X-large 1 Topping Pizzas, 16 Pcs Chicken, 1 Family Salad

All was delish❣️ We will for sure be back to enjoy ... We ♥️ Grazianos

Jessica Bongi about 1 month ago

Torpedo Sandwich

my favorite sandwich here!

Victor about 1 month ago

Grazi Bread

B Daz about 1 month ago

Garlic Knots

We get this everytime! So garlicky and soft but not soggy.

Jerry about 1 month ago

Two Piece Chicken

Best Broaated chicken around,just as good the next day..ordering again this Friday..

Charlottemurphy7791 about 2 months ago

Garlic Knots

These are the best garlic knots ever!

Sean Teresa about 2 months ago

Side of 4 Broasted Potato Wedges

these are so yummy, i like getting these whenever possible. TRY 'EM, THEY GOOD!!!

Sean about 2 months ago


My favorite dish

Kasey about 2 months ago


Our go-to for pizza!

Whisper452 about 2 months ago

Monster Sandwich

Anyone who loves sandwiches needs to try this sandwich!! It is huge and jam packed with ingredients. The bread Graziano's uses is homemade and so soft and delicious. The bread is what sets this sandwich apart from other's. If your looking for a sandwich that fills you up or even one to share, look no further, you will not be disappointed!!

Stephanie about 2 months ago

Pizza Bites

These are the greatest thing ever. I absolutely love them.

Maritza about 2 months ago

5 Large 1 Topping Pizzas 16 Drinks

There pizza is amazing!

Mike about 2 months ago

Baked Ziti

The baked ziti is AWESOME. Thick rich sauce, lots of cheese. Always a great meal.

Sumwarentime about 2 months ago

2 large 1 topping pizzas


Melody.Vr 2 months ago


My favorite pizza in the world!